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Become a clerk!

Are you curious to learn more about food, are you motivated and resourceful?

Are you the meticulous one in the family or the one who is always ready to help?

Then this job should interest you!

You might be wondering if you can apply if…

You’ve never worked in a grocery store, but you like being in contact with customers?

YES!. If you’re interested in learning about this role, we want to talk to you!

You don’t have a degree in this field?

The degree doesn’t matter as long as you have a minimum of experience with the public!

Are you already a clerk and would you like to move up?

YES!. We offer several training courses that will allow you to develop and we are always looking for new employees in shop!

What would a typical day look like?

As a clerk, you will be expected to:

receive and store merchandise according to established standards;

place merchandise in counters and displays;

ensure the rotation of all products;

provide exceptional and attentive customer service.