TR to PR Update!!

Some people have a lot of confusions and misconceptions on the terminologies used in the world of Canadian immigration and IRCC systems. So how it works for TR to PR pathway is, when you file an application it goes to a huge system/pool of applications. Now based on what time you applied, where you applied from etc. There is a certain sequence of the order of files/applications.

tr to pr
Tr to PR

The officers at the main Centralized Intake office (CIO in Sydney) where all the immigration files are collected, sequentially open up those applications, hence automatically an acknowledgement is sent to the applicant that ‘We have received your application and are working on it now.

You can link it on our portal/website and see any and all updates and communications from us to you, on a platform called GCKey’. This is called an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR). Sometimes, due to the loads of applications from various immigration streams, causes a system delay, where this AOR is not being sent out or it is sent out with a few days of delays. After your file is opened by an IRCC officer at the Sydney branch, it then is sent out to one of the many IRCC Visa Offices (VO), where another officer would be working on your case. While working on your case, if the officer found your application lacking any documents or need further clarifications, they will send you out a request asking for additional document(s). This is known as Additional Document Request (ADR). Nowadays due to a high load on the GCKey and IRCC systems, just like an AOR sometimes ADRs are delayed. Additionally, sometimes some of the applicants nowadays can link their applications to their GCKey account before even receiving their AOR.

This is because their file is already opened by the IRCC but due to system glitch the automated system wasn’t able to send out the AOR yet. Biggest misconceptions: 1) If your application is about to be refused, you will not receive AOR? This is false. Everyone receives AOR regardless of their application outcome. There is no way they can accept or refuse your application without even opening your application. 2) The applications are completely random? Nope, it is systematically based on what time/date you applied, what stream you applied in, and where you applied from, your applications are sorted sequentially and assigned initially to the officers in Sydney in batches, who then open your applications and forward it to the VOs. At the VOs the officers there too receive applications in certain batches. Now, they all are humans, they all have different pace of working, different case loads etc. Hence that is the reason why, sometimes you see, someone who had applied a bit later got their AOR and their application opened, whereas someone who applied relatively earlier, still waiting for their AOR.

But sooner or later, everyone will get an AOR, everyone will get their applications processed. It’s just a waiting game. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.