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Position: Toronto ISO Fixer (Paid)Timeline: January 3 – Mid FebruaryWe are seeking a dynamic and organized individual to fill the role of ISO Fixer in Toronto. The ideal candidate will be responsible for orchestrating a monthly shoot, ensuring all components come together seamlessly. This is a paid opportunity, and the timeline for the position spans from the start of January to Mid February.Responsibilities:Studio Coordination: Identify and secure an appropriate studio for monthly shoots.Director of Photography (DP) Recruitment: Source and hire a skilled DP to handle lighting and approve visuals for the Decorator Selection: Find and collaborate with a talented set decorator to design and construct the set for each shoot.Shooter Hiring: Recruit a capable shooter to capture the essence of the project during monthly shoots.Producer Recruitment: Identify and bring on board a seasoned producer to oversee the creative aspects, direct shoots, and quality control the editing process.Bonus Skills: If you possess project management skills, including the ability to design flow charts, establish accountability, manage deadlines, milestones, and conduct weekly project management meetings, it would be considered a significant to Apply:Please send applications to with your information, availability, and examples of similar work you have completed in the past. We look forward to reviewing your applications!


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