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Earn a $300 new driver partner promotion and up to $27.00/hr (net) driving on the Via platform in Brant County, ON!

Via uses app-based technology to make transportation more efficient. We are reinventing shared rides to help reduce congestion, lower emissions and get passengers to their destinations efficiently. In Brant County, to provide the Brant Transit service, which is an ondemand microtransit service. We are partnering with independent contractor Driver Partners who will be able to use the Via Platform to connect with Brant Transit riders.

Why partner with Via?

$300 new driver partner promotion

Eligible to earn up to $27/hour after any vehicle-related expenses, or up to $29/hour for driving a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, after any vehicle-related expenses

Choose when you log on to drive!.

Driver Partners are independent contractors who are self-employed and have the flexibility to choose when they provide service, with no minimum commitments

Provide shared rides using an efficient routing system

24/7 Live Support from real people

Lease a vehicle from our vehicle partner, and avoid wear and tear on your personal vehicle

To be eligible to operate on the Via Platform for Pierce Transit Runner, you must:

Have a valid driver’s license from Ontario

Have more than 1 year of unrestricted driving history in Canada

Are 25 years of age or older

Have personal auto insurance policy

Pass a background check, including criminal and motor vehicle record checks (SIN needed)

Lease and drive a vehicle from a vehicle leasing partner

Any additional requirements for participating in this service will be communicated to prospective Driver Partners as necessary.

New driver partner promotion: To be eligible, you must complete at least 30 hours of driving on the Via platform within 10 days of completing your driver onboarding session. Time offline, including breaks, will not be included in this 30-hour minimum. This promotion may be revoked or altered at any time at Via’s sole discretion, and these terms are subject to change at Via’s sole discretion.


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