Supermarket Shelf Stocker


Website Centra Food Market (Barrie) Inc.

Qualifications: 1. Shelf stockers should be physically fit as they have to lift and carry items of 30 pounds. 2. Be comfortable climbing ladders and working at heights. 3. Have the knowledge of Asian products. 4.

Knowledge in bookkeeping, word processing are encouraged but not mandatory. 5. Be highly self-motivated, organized, detail-oriented. 6. At least one year working experience in a supermarket or grocery environment setting. Job Duties Receive the deliveries and unpack products received by supermarket, weigh or sort items Stock the shelves of the supermarket with goods and keep inventory organized Add price tags to items and use barcode scanning equipment to record incoming stock Very pricing and maintain computerized stock inventory Ensure items on the shelves are damage-free and replacing damaged or missing goods.

Attach protective devices to products to protect against shoplifting Bag, box or parcel purchases for customers at stores or for shipment and delivery to customers Label and document orders, and prepare shipping, customs and courier documentation when required Perform repairs when needed and keep the supermarket shelves clean. May operate powered industrial trucks (PIT)