Senior Software Engineer – OS Windowing

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Our team has an immediate permanent opening for a Senior Software Engineer.


  • Promote thepre-research and breakthrough of next-generation 2D graphics rendering technologies, including verification and implementation of architecture-level directions such as dynamic fixed pipelines and data-driven rendering
  • Construct the 2D graphics stack and window system of the terminal operating system (such as OpenHarmony), optimize performance, and reduce power consumption and load in heavy-load scenarios
  • Insights and tracking of the current OS graphic framework development, evolution and technical design

What you’ll bring to the team:

  • Familiar with Android, iOS, Linux and other system development
  • Experience in professional large-scale software development and delivery
  • Proficient in one of the followinglanguages:C, C++, Python
  • Have outstanding coding ability and solid engineering realization ability
  • Project experience in 2D graphics vector rendering, 2D or 3D graphics stack is an asset
  • Familiar with operating system related technologies is an asset, such as foreground and background resource supply mode, CPU/GPU/DDR scheduling, process and thread management, IPC, user and kernel mode switching



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