Senior Open Source Developer


Website Open-Source.Tech

Develop standalone, statically-linked open source apps in vanilla languages without external dependencies on OS components. There are two preferred OSes: Windows and MacOS(M1). There are two preferred programing languages: C++ and Swift.

We need no additional parasite skills. For example, if you knows Python or Javascript, it would be rather a disadvantage.

If you are experienced in Machine Learning in vanilla C++, it would be an advantage.

There are two preferred areas of software development:
1) Image/Video Processing
2) Blockchain Technologies.

You must be experienced in that areas.

You must understand for example FFMPEG or Taproot source code.

Do you know Haskell?. Can implement ZCash’s Halo2 from scratch in Haskell?!

Salary starts from $93/hour, remote job possible, full-time required.


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