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Unit 109 Ave NE, Calgary, AB, T3N 1A6 Job Title: Landscaper Vacancies:05 Position: Full Time, Permanent Anticipation start date: As soon as possible Education: High School Education is must. Experience: 3 years of minimum experience in the same field is required. Language: Basic English Wage Rate: $29.00 per hour for 40 hours per week. Work Location: Various locations Job duties: Planting and co-ordinating the growth and use of plants for landscaping, ornamental uses and other purposes.

Installing rock gardens, ponds, fences and playgrounds. Trimming and pruning hedges, trees and shrubs. Fertilizing and watering lawns and gardens. Assessing the health of lawns.

Examining trees and shrubs to diagnose problems and disease. Performing other related duties to landscaped environments. Interested Candidates can email their resume to the underlying email address: