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GLS Logistics Systems Canada Ltd. (GLS Canada), previously known as Dicom, meets the needs of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers, through parcel, freight and logistics services in Canada. Our company was originally founded in 1968, in Montreal, it was ultimately acquired in 2018 by the GLS Group, an international transportation conglomerate.

The GLS Group is recognized as one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe with one of the largest ground-based transportation networks covering 40 countries. Together with GLS Canada and GLS US we are building bridges between Europe and North America.


We are currently looking for part time independent contractors interested in performing “last mile” freight and parcel transportation delivery services in the remote areas of Calgary/Edmonton/Winnipeg/Regina/Saskatoon/Vancouver Regions. Great opportunity for additional revenue for anyone already performing delivery services, or uber, taxi etc.

This opportunity offers interested independent contractors a strong potential for business growth by providing access to a well-established and reliable client base within a region experiencing a high demand for “last mile” transportation services.

The potential business revenue is high and bears no outer-limit, other than that set by your own ambitions!

If you are interested in this opportunity, your company, as a third-party service provider, must be able to provide:

– All vehicles and equipment required by a “last mile” transportation services contract, including maintaining such vehicles and equipment in good and proper condition; and

– All required personnel, including experienced Class 3 or Class 5 drivers.

In addition, your company will notably be responsible for:

– Securing any and all permits and licences required for the operation of a transportation business in the province of Ontario and operating its business in compliance with all applicable transportation safety regulations;

– Managing its day-to-day operations to achieve the right results, including being in charge of its route design, its delivery sequence, and the means in which it will meet the “last mile” customer expectations and demands: “You are your own boss”; and

– All employer-related expenses, including the payment of wages, salaries, benefits, employment taxes, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation coverage, as may be relevant to your business and as required by applicable federal and provincial legislation.

We are confident that your entrepreneurial spirit will be well-served by our network and know-how acquired now for over 50 years in the Canadian market transportation business!

We believe in a “win-win” approach!


If you’re ready to take on the challenge of being your own business owner,

or if you’re already a well-established “last mile” delivery services company

looking to increase your revenue and opportunities,

please contact:

Caroline Thibodeau


Independent Contractor Relations Office

Email: %1178661% %%{{category}}%%


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