Financial and Investment Analysts NOC 11101


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Duties and responsibilities as Financial and Investment Analyst are follows: – Conduct research on financial markets, economic trends, and investment opportunities. – Analyze financial data to identify investment opportunities and risks. – Develop investment strategies and portfolios tailored to meet the financial goals and risk tolerance of clients or the organization. – Provide recommendations on asset allocation, diversification, and investment selection. – Create financial models to evaluate the potential returns and risks of various investment options. – Perform valuation analyses of stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets. – Assess the risk associated with different investments and develop risk management strategies. – Communicate investment recommendations and strategies to clients or senior management. – Provide regular updates on the performance of investment portfolios and any necessary adjustments. – Conduct due diligence on investment opportunities, including analyzing financial statements, legal documents, and market conditions. – Monitor the performance of investments and portfolios, making adjustments as needed to optimize returns and manage risk. – Ensure compliance with relevant financial regulations and industry standards. – Stay updated on changes in financial laws and regulations that may impact investments. – Determine the appropriate allocation of assets in a portfolio based on changing market conditions and investment objectives. – Prepare investment reports, presentations, and documentation for clients, management, or regulatory authorities. – Maintain accurate records of investment transactions and portfolio holdings. – Build and maintain strong relationships with clients or stakeholders to understand their financial goals and preferences. – Provide excellent customer service and address client inquiries and concerns. – Stay updated on industry trends, financial products, and investment strategies through ongoing education and professional development.

Job requirement: Language: English Education: Bachelors Degree Work Experience: 1 year or less than 2 years Wage: $38.00 – $39.00 Per hour / Full time