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Person who participate in the identification of the needs of the population participate in the community organization & development and execute different action programs by using appropriate techniques, may act as a resources person for the groups.
The National Native Alcohol & Drug Addiction Program (NNADAP) worker develops and runs prevention, intervention and aftercare services and activities that aim to reduce or prevent alcohol and drug addiction in Eeyou Istchee. The NNADAP worker helps individuals and families that may be struggling with substance use by establishing and running education, awareness and prevention initiatives. The NNADAP worker also collaborates with regional and local partners to reduce substance abuse and dependencies, and thereby contribute to the well-being of Cree individuals, families, and communities.
The tasks can include: * Intervene with people or groups of people who encounter social problems (drug addiction, integration problems, mental health issues, disabilities, etc.); * Respond to crisis situations with people in distress; * Use different methods, approaches and techniques (individual interview, group facilitation, social activities, etc.) to intervene effectively with the clients and their family;* Arrange counseling sessions and counsel clients in individual and group sessions;* Provide emotional support to the clients; * Receives and assesses service requests from individual users or groups and refers them to the appropriate programs, services or resources (ex: Youth protection, NNADAP worker and other medical Social Services staff and other organisms within and outside the community); * Attend or contribute towards court cases; * Work in close collaboration with social workers;
* Participate in intervention plans;* Write reports; * Perform home visits; * Establish relationship with other organisms such as the band office, foster care, etc.;* Carrie out other tasks usually assigned to a Community worker on the request of his supervisor.
Must have a diploma of college studies in social work techniques or social service techniques or another appropriate specialization from a school recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport;
This job title also includes those who have a certificate of college studies in social work techniques or social service techniques;
Applicants with an attestation of college studies in Educators in Native Childcare Services or Special Needs Education aboriginal and Inuit children may be considered.
Knowledge and Abilities:
Knowledge of Cree culture and social/health issues in Eeyou Istchee;
Knowledge of Eenou/Eeyou Pimaatsiiun healing practices and paradigms is an asset;
Ability to communicate with people, to run interviews and to establish and maintain a “helping relationship with beneficiaries”;
Ready to learn about 2nd line services (“Youth Protection” and “Young Offender Procedures”);
Skills in counseling and Knowledge of the laws: Y.O.A, Y.P.A, L.H.S.S.S
Ability to work in collaboration with CLSC Community worker, other medical and social services staff and other organisms within and outside the community;
Initiative, dynamism and sense of responsibility;
Must show initiative, be dynamic, exhibit responsibility and professionalism;
Must be sensitive to issues within the family unit.
Fluent in Cree and English;
Fluency in French is an asset.
Valid driver’s licence Class 5;
This position includes on-call for psychosocial.