Immigration Refugee Board of Canada – Interpreters (Eastern, Central and Western Region Offices Canada)


​​The IRB is in regular need of interpreters, who are important contributors to the overall refugee processing system. If you possess the required skills, please consider applying.

The task of interpreters is to interpret all dialogue during the proceedings. This includes interpreting both from the language of the person who is the subject of the proceedings into English or French, and vice versa, using consecutive interpretation. Whatever is said in one language should be interpreted faithfully and accurately into the other language using the exact equivalent meaning and structure.

Help wanted

The IRB is experiencing a shortage of interpreters in key languages at its EasternCentral and Western offices.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent;
  • Professional references (minimum of two);
  • Compliance with the rules that are set out in the Code of Conduct for Interpreters.

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