Full Time Healthcare Parking Enforcement ( Security )

Edmonton, Alberta, Cana

Job Skills / Requirements

Job Description

Parking Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing parking regulations by issuing warnings and violation notices, monitoring drive lanes and fire lanes, and redirecting parkers to appropriate parking areas. Performs routine maintenance on pay parking equipment, collects parking revenue from equipment and restocks change and receipts.

Job Functions

• Conduct patrols making accurate reports and memos regarding all incidents
• Enforces parking regulations by patrolling assigned site(s), issuing warnings and/or violation notices in accordance with parking enforcement guidelines, monitoring drive and fire lanes, redirecting parkers to appropriate parking areas.
• Conducts vacant stall counts as required at various times of the day to monitor traffic volume and identify opportunities to improve parking services. Frequency and timing of vacant stall counts may be changed from time to time by Parking Services as demand and needs change.
• Collects parking revenue from automated parking payment equipment as scheduling and brings collect revenue to the site cashier office. Checks and replenishes change and paper stock in automated parking payment equipment and replenishes change machines as needed, cleans equipment solar panels as needed.
• Performs minor equipment maintenance as needed within scope of practice. Reports all equipment failures and problems to Parking Services for technical follow-up.
• During patrols, makes note of infrastructure and other repairs needs, parking lot hazards and incidents, reporting such to Protective Services and Parking Services in a timely manner.
• Provides escort to parking booth attendants from booth to cash reconciliation location at the end of shift.
• Patrol an assigned area by vehicle or on foot to ensure compliance with existing parking ordinance.
• Prepare and maintain required records, including logs of parking enforcement activities, and records of contested citations.
• Respond to and make radio dispatch calls regarding parking violations and complaints.
• Maintain close communications with Site-Supervisor, using two-way radios.
• Identify vehicles in violation of parking codes, checking with dispatchers when necessary to confirm identities or to determine whether vehicles need to be booted or towed.
• Respond to citizen complaints regarding parking offences or concerns.


• Must possess a Class 5 driver’s license and clean drivers abstract
• Demonstrate competency in English to the extent of reading and understanding written regulations, orders and instructions, and be able to compose legible reports
• Ability to make quick decisions in emergency response situations with minimal supervision
• Physically able to walk up to 15+ kilometers each day for foot patrol
• Ability to write comprehensive reports and maintain proper records
• Ability to handle private and information with a high amount of discretion
• Take pride in delivering exceptional customer service
• Basic knowledge of security procedures, handling violent behaviors, and non-defensive communication

Additional Information / Benefits

Benefits: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance

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