Career planning !

Career Tool Make informed career decisions

You can use this tool to learn more about fields of study and how graduates are doing after school. Are they employed in their field of study? What are their earnings? Would they study in this field again?

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Career quizzes and tests

Career quizzes and tests can help you choose, change or develop your career. You can use them as a starting point in your journey to get to know yourself better and explore the wide range of career opportunities available to you.

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Explore career possibilities

Take the 3 career quizzes to find out what occupations may be a good fit for you. These quizzes will help you identify possible career paths based on what you like or are good at.

Explore your personality

Take the 3 personality tests to become more self-aware. These tests will help you better understand how you think and learn, and what matters to you in a job. Get started

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